Being good selectively is better than playing with everything

As more and more social networking websites are generated and start to become popular, there is the pressing need to investigate them to avoid the ‘fear’ of being left behind.

But a mere mortal cannot be in two places at once. It is a good idea to find out what the new version of social media is all about, but unless it immediately clicks with what your business idea, or invaluable towards promoting the visibility of your activities, if there is no compelling reason why you should be participating within it, then don’t worry.

The main factor is where your audience goes. Where do you have the most followers? Is this somewhere they are more likely to hang out, to participate in, to be socially active so they will comment, contribute and commit?

Pick up to three social media outlets you feel most comfortable with, and have the most friends congregated there. Then start adding content. Take time to understand the motives of the website, the people that use it, what is required to ‘fit in’ and become part of the overall involvement. Then have fun!

If you are unsure, watch, wait and understand. You will benefit much more if the ‘concept’ of the social networking specialisms are fully appreciated first, and it will prevent you from wading in and making a complete mess of it all. Ask questions – or you won’t get it. There will always be newbies in everything that happens on the net, and there is no reason to feel embarrassed about it. And there are always experts floating around ready to help you too.

But the main thing is once you’ve found the two or three social media you prefer, is not to let up. Consistency is the key, not to mention worthwhile and valuable content. Sociability is also vital, you need to be able to communicate with your audience on the same level, understand where they come from, in order to form a relationship and gain their trust and approval.

Only then will your expertise be able to shine through for what it truly is – something that only can come from you.

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